Judge Orders Kanye and Paparazzo To Quit It With Their Girl Fight

October 10, 2013 | celebrity | editor | 0 Comments

An LA Judge has ordered megalomaniacal rapper Kanye West to not come within ten feet of paparazzo Daniel Ramos. You’ll recall that Kanye got into a kerfuffle with Ramos in July after he dared to look Kanye in the eye or said hello to him or something inciting like that. Kanye flipped out and put Ramos in a headlock. The judge said that Ramos and Kanye have to stay away from each other and that Kanye doesn’t have to pay any fines or attend anger management classes because Ramos is such a sniveling dick that the law doesn’t really apply to him. You got to love that tons of dough were spent in court costs to basically send these two pricks to separate corners.

Ramos still has a civil case against West for violating his first amendment rights which means that Kanye will have to pay him some envelope full of cash to shut the fuck up and go away. It’s the celebrity ecosystem. Never fair, but simple in its design.

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