Nataly Umaña Is An Actress You Only Wish You Knew

October 4, 2013 | celebrity | Lex Jurgen | Comments

I find it strange to imagine that most every country in the world makes the same shitty television shows we make, only in different languages we can’t understand. I’m assuming they can. Right now in Colombia there are scripts being written, casting couches being stained, and cameras rolling in studios to produce inane soap operas just like here. And, just like here, they look for good looking women to play as many roles as possible, even for a female audience, because all women are secretly lesbians. I’m pretty sure that’s scientific fact at this point.

Here’s Nataly Umana taking off her clothes for a local magazine. She’s been on about fifteen different TV shows in Colombia that you’ve never heard of or seen. You’d be fucked if you appeared on Colombian Jeopardy.

Photo Credit: H Para Hombres

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