You’re Not the Worst Person In the World, The Shitstain Who Tormented Rebecca Sedwick Is

October 17, 2013 | News | Lex Jurgen | 0 Comments

Zero tolerance policies have really fucked up childhood but good. When we were little snots, we all either were or knew the slightly bad kids in school, the ones who cut in lines or were the first kids to sneak cigarettes or talked back to the teacher. We also knew the one or two true psychopath dangerous kids you did not fuck with because you saw them pulling wings off live animals and talking about burning the world down. Now everybody who shows the slightest bit of grade school aggression is being lumped into the bully category, making it impossible to actually lobotomize deal with the nut job kids.

Like this unnamed 14-year old in Florida they arrested for bullying 12-year-old Rebecca Sedwick to the point she climbed up a concrete silo and jumped to her death. That doesn’t happen from snatching milk money or telling somebody their music sucks. That takes some sick and twisted doing over a long stretch of time. And this 14-year old did just that. Because some boy she liked also liked Rebecca. So she started calling Rebecca names on line, then moved to death threats, then started shoving her at school, forcing other girls to torment and assault the 12-year old. Rebecca’s parents moved her to another school. But did that stop middle school Stalin? Nope, she kept up the aggression and name calling and online pleas for Rebecca to kill herself, until Rebecca finally climbed the silo.

The police we wavering on whether to lock up this 14-year old gangster, until she went on Facebook and wrote:

Yes, I bullied Rebecca and she killed herself but I don’t give a fuck.

Yeah, maybe you should’ve check with legal counsel before posting that one. The Associated Press tried to get an interview with the bullies family, but…

At their mobile home, a barking pit bull stood guard and no one came outside despite shouts from reporters for an interview.

Maybe we could’ve just led with that little backdrop. This little defective slice deserves a trip to the Phantom Zone, though I suspect she’ll be released in the very near future to set upon her next destructive act. Maybe she’ll be one of those mall shooters whose neighbors and family claim never showed signs of crazy aggression before.

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