Alec Baldwin Trots Out Gay Hairdresser to Prove He’s Not a Homophobe

By Lex November 15, 2013 @ 5:06 PM

With the gay tide turning against him, Alec Baldwin quickly rushed to his gay hairdresser for an impromptu bona fide on being anything but a homophobe. Of all the hairdressers in the world, Alec Baldwin chooses the rare gay hairdresser because he doesn’t see color or sexual orientation, he just sees a dude he can easily take out with just a metal comb if he fucks up his fabulous hair. Baldwin’s gay-defense opera bouffe seemed to be gaining traction until Anderson Cooper spoke truth to power from Gay Central Command:

“Just read Alec Baldwin’s latest excuses. They are actually so ridiculous they are funny.”

Anderson Cooper’s word is worth approximately one hundred hairdressers. He’s The AIDS quilt of the gay bedding department. Unless Alec Baldwin can produce the dream team of Elton John, Dolce AND Gabbana, and the human remains of Eleanor Roosevelt to all talk about how so non-homophobic he is, he might as well forget about trolling for hot lesbos with Bill Clinton after the GLAAD Media Awards this year.

Photo credit: SplashNews

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    aquanetta jones 11/15/2013 17:55


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    ThisSiteIsGayPornography 11/15/2013 20:15

    You are allowed to pick on gays and mistreat women if you are a liberal. Not the most intelligent group of people, but they have the mob mentality and media control down pat.

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    Admiral 11/17/2013 05:04

    That’s because Liberalism is just ignorance. I’ve never known any Liberal to watch the news, or listen to what politicians actually say or do, or understand how laws are written or the role of our three branches of government. They don’t know and they don’t care, they just like to be passionate about stuff. Talk to any Liberal about politics and you’ll reach the extent of their knowledge in about 4 minutes, at which time they’ll get agitated and turn red and tell you how much they hate politics. Idiots.

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    knox 11/17/2013 15:03

    Admiral, I’m a conservative, but that is the same shit libs say about us.

    If we are gonna be intellectually honest about why people are liberal we should just admit the truth. They are either lazy or pussies.

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    One More Gun 11/18/2013 11:34

    If Alec had fisted his gay hairdresser, I’d be willing to buy his claim that he’s not a homophobe.

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    ThisSiteIsGayPornography 11/23/2013 17:36

    Who is to say that the hairdresser didnt fist him? I am not saying that he did, but i wouldnt be shocked. I dont care what people do in their personal sexual lives anyway. Gay people are cool/uncool in the same ratio as everyone else. If i dont like a person it is because they are annoying and useless. I am sorry for sounding like a happy hero, but i am good with any color or sexuality if they are a cool person. Being straight or of a certain culture doesnt make you automatically awesome. I admit, im not saying anything that you guys/girls dont already know. Feel free to bash this annoying post.

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