MSNBC Fires Alec Baldwin for Being a Dick

Alec Baldwin Leaves His Apartment In New York City

In a move nobody cares about by a network that nobody watches, noted gay rights activist and homophobe Alec Baldwin has lost his late night talk show, Up Late. Alec Baldwin apologists are quick to point out that the firing is not directly related Baldwin's 'fag' slurs in public, and actually more a result of his kicking a woman with cancer out of her makeup room at 30 Rock. The fallout from the show cancelation will be tremendous as up to eight people will become disappointed on Friday nights when MSNBC adds an extra hour of lesbians shanking each other in prison, more formally known as The Rachel Maddow show. Yeah, I know, I went long on that one.

Here's pictures of Alec's hot daughter, Ireland, who I will comfort after the gay mafia kills him in some fabulous manner.

Photo Credit: WENN, Ireland Baldwin/Instagram

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