Candice Swanepoel Work Photos Are Amazing

Candice Swanepoel Posts Behind The Scenes Photos Of Her Bikini Shoot In Saint Barths When I think of all the boring, shitty photos people share on their social media accounts on a daily basis, I just want to punch a fabulous lunch salad or an AYSO goalie in the face. Yes, of course I want to see your personal photos, as evidenced by the fact that I never ever once have asked to see them. Then along comes Candice Swanepoel posting some photos from her office and it all makes sense. This is why Al Gore and God got together with some Asian men and women to invent the Internet.

Photo Credit: Candice Swanepoel/Instagram [gallery ids="1690362,1690392,1690372,1690382,1690352,1690402,1690412"]

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