Carmen Electra And Joanna Krupa Joined Forces

December 18, 2013 | celebrity | editor | 0 Comments

Carmen Electra, Joanna Krupa and Lilly Ghalichi had dinner last night at RivaBella in West Hollywood, and while there’s nothing terribly newsworthy about that, it is fun to imagine that it was actually a meeting for aging models aching to remain relevant. Joanna would bang a gavel on the table and shout, “I call this meeting to order!” while Carmen would recommend that they all stick their asses out a little more while posing for cameras. Lilly would add, “I don’t know who I am either” and then Joanna would declare, “Great meeting, everyone” and they’d spend someone else’s money. It’s obviously not true, but it’s probably still in the neighborhood of accurate.

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