Chelsea Handler Is Wounded And Bare-Assed and Ready for a Promotion

Chelsea Handler Breaks Her Leg Skiing And Posts Photo To Twitter Classic sign that Chelsea Handler is looking for a better gig or a new boyfriend, or a new boyfriend who can ger her a better gig. Leg in a cast rendering her unable to flee. Bare ass out on the hotel room bed. If you're a V.P. or above at a studio or network, lay feast upon a piece of tail you might want to get into. You will need at least the authority to green-light a sitcom without a strong script and terminate anybody who makes jokes at work about Chelsea humping you just to get shit. Seems like a decent deal. She's got a nice ass. In general, I say if it's good enough for 50 Cent, it's good enough for me. That may not be my exact saying.

Photo Credit: Chelsea Handler/Twitter

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