Cindy Crawford Should Never Stop Taking Off Her Clothes

Cindy Crawford Poses Topless But Covered For The Winter 2013 Issue Of V Magazine You know I love that Cindy Crawford mole. It's back, but it's being tainted by that topless dude in these photos. Why go to the trouble of getting Cindy Crawford rubbing her titties up against a tree then throw some random guy into your photos. I get the female fantasy bit of being out in nature and getting accosted by a swarthy Italian gay male farm hand. But can't we all agree that you only need the one getting paid the big bucks to be in the photos. She's the star. Step aside you six-packed earring wearing photobomber. If anybody is going to give Cindy awkward, unwanted touches it's going to be me.

Photo Credit: V Magazine, Winter edition [gallery ids="1699192,1699202,1699212,1699222,1699232,1699242,1699252,1699262,1699272"]

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