Dylan Penn Blessed to Look Like Mom

Dylan Penn Poses For A Bikini Photoshoot In The January 2014 Issue Of GQ Magazine At one point, Robin Wright Penn was so good looking, she started cursing at Hollywood for only giving her roles for hot ladies. So she tried to ugly herself up and wear lots of bad makeup and disfiguring details so she could play more serious roles. This kind of smarmy devotion to her craft made her the perfect temporary wife for Sean Penn before he beat her or just wouldn't shut the fuck up about Myanmar politics or some such shit that drove Robin Wright away. But before they went off to their separate Fortresses of Self-Importance, they made a baby girl. They called her Dylan, after Dylan Thomas, the Welsh poet both loved to name drop at Greenwich Village cocktail parties. 22-years later, we get to nearly see her tits in GQ. Which just goes to show you absolutely nothing.

Photo Credit: GQ [gallery ids="1689522,1689532,1689542,1689552,1689562,1689572,1689582,1689592,1689602"]

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