GLAAD’s Got a Hard On For Duck Dynasty

December 19, 2013 | celebrity | Lex Jurgen | 0 Comments

I’ll say this for GLAAD, they take on the big names. Maybe not so rock hard on Alec Baldwin,he’s a donor so he gets three free ‘fags’ per year, but they are going wicked fierce after Phil Robertson, patriarch of Duck Dynasty, the primo money winner of basic cable reality programming. The angry gay alliance doesn’t cotton to Phil’s quote in the new edition of GQ that he doesn’t understand dudes who like other dudes because women are much hotter. Then Phil kind of refers to man-man love as sin and that’s when the gay outrage thermometer at GLAAD exploded like a heavy cumshot across a versatile bottom.

I feel bad for people who get irate over what some guy from a TV show thinks about them. And I get mad that some crusty bible thumper from Louisiana can’t accidentally let a little Leviticus slip without somebody calling for a campaign to ruin him. Unless somebody is using sticks and stones, maybe it’s time to bring in a little second grade justice and everybody just shut the fuck up.

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