Izabel Goulart Forgot Her Bra

Izabel Goulart Poses Topless But Covered In The December 2013 Issue Of GQ Portugal If there's a white stone wall in Southern Europe and you wait long enough, eventually a good looking model will come along without her top on and pose up against it. It's just one of those Euro customs like full-grown men riding mopeds and people taking the month of Julaugust off for the summer because their 30 hour work weeks were killing their inner spirits. People will sneer at you from above their cigarettes if you try and peek at the model's tits, but stand your ground, Ugly American. Your grandfather freed the damn country at some point, the tits are yours to leer.

Photo Credit: GQ Portugal [gallery ids="1697092,1697102,1697112,1697122,1697132,1697142,1697152,1697162,1697172"]

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