Kate Moss Attended The Playboy Anniversary Party With An Old Pumpkin

December 4, 2013 | celebrity | editor | 0 Comments

Kate Moss celebrated her 40th birthday by agreeing to appear in Playboy, and while nobody really cared all that much, she was still one of the guests of honor at Playboy’s 60th anniversary party at the Playboy Club in London on Monday night. Another guest of honor was Sir Tom Jones, who apparently almost drowned after falling into a giant tank of concentrated bronzing oil. Either that or he discovered that he had narcolepsy only after he laid down for a quick bake in a tanning bed. Or maybe at the absolute worst he has a horrifying case of cirrhosis that is slowly turning him into a shriveled orange mess. Whichever the reason for his hideous orange complexion, let’s hope that he at least got a little middle-aged model ass for his troubles.

Photo Credits: Getty, FilmMagic

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