Khloe Kardashian Going Through A Deep Cleanse

December 20, 2013 | celebrity | Lex Jurgen | 0 Comments

According to Kris Jenner, who will do anything or say anything for cash or Lotto scratchers, she’s really been impressed with how her daughter Khloe has handled her pending divorce with such grace and strength. We’ve always known Khloe possessed superhuman strength of Ben Grimm, but that grace part would be new. While providing pre-approved quotable copy for the journalists at People magazine, Kris continued to note the upsides of Khloe’s current ‘cleanse’:

“It’s definitely life lessons that she will be able to apply and use later in her life,”

By that Kris Jenner means that if she charts like the other Kardashians, Khloe will divorce at least thrice more before her next bone-bending facelift to make her look less like O.J.

For her part, Khloe made her first public comments on Twitter, where she apparently works full-time days.

This, in and of itself, is heart breaking and torture to my soul. Please, I don’t need the extra rumors and BS right now.

Khloe was referring to the rumors that she’s dating Matt Kemp of the L.A. Dodgers. She could just go upstairs and ask her mom to stop selling the Kemp stories to the press, but asking her audience of several million emotionally retarded fans seemed to make more sense. When the cleansing is complete, she’ll probably think straighter.

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