Miley Cyrus Touches Herself Like a Curious Boy (VIDEO)

December 24, 2013 | celebrity | editor | 0 Comments

Supreme Court Justice Potter Stewart famously said about porn, ‘I know it when I see it’. And he only had some dirty black and white hair pulling magazines for his foundation. I’m guessing that in 2013 I see more porn on a daily basis than ole Potter saw in his lifetime. I know it when I see it. This new Miley Cyrus teaser bits for her new music video ‘Adore You’ is porn. There’s just a bit of nipple and Miley sticking her hand in her underpants, but with the music and the shots and the cut back to her twink boy face, this is precisely the kind of amateur shit they keep finding on school principal’s computers. The video will premiere in its entirety on December 26th, just in time to make the newborn baby Jesus cry.

(video via Instagram)

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