Nina Agdal Poses In Bikinis For Gosee Magazine

Nina Agdal Poses In Bikinis For Gosee Nina Agdal is the kind of woman I'd let spit in my face and be proud to have a restraining order served over. What's wrong with girls with grown up girl breasts? I'm not full on anti-ass-man preaching like Phil Robertson, but I don't get the allure of the flat girls twerking and gyrating like bacha bazi boys in private Kabul nightclubs. That's not a religious thing, just a man faculties thing. If I'm going to the trouble of figuring out how to unhook a bra, I want a little something something to descend for my efforts.

Photo Credit: Gosee [gallery ids="1693292,1693302,1693312,1693322,1693332,1693342,1693352,1693362,1693372,1693382"]

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