Okay, Who Leaked the Kardashian Christmas Party Photos?

Kylie Jenner Posts Naughty Photo From The Kardashian Christmas Party To Instagram With the Kardashians, it's hard to tell what's real and what's faked for the cameras. I go with the rule that not a goddamn thing anybody in that family has done has been real since Robert hid the knife for Khloe's bio dad. Nevertheless, they keep pumping out social media content like it's non-fiction, including their family Christmas party with the theme of 'naughty'. It'd be easy to suggest that the only time the Kardashians are the least bit real is when they're being all slutty, but they can't even do that honestly. Kris fucked up their chances to be decent self-hating tramps, in favor of self-aware moneymaking business girls. They're about as sexually vibrant as the sore-ridden abuela in Tijuana giving sailors hummers while stirring the bean pot for her family's dinner. Still, these photos make good recruitment tools for Al Qaeda. Death to the West.

Photo Credit: Instagram [gallery ids="1699472,1699512,1699502,1699482,1699492,1699462,1699532,1699522"]

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