Phil Robertson Is Back Because… Money

December 31, 2013 | celebrity | Lex Jurgen | 0 Comments

The good thing about living in an almost purely money driven society is you can easily predict what’s going to happen in any given situation. Even the ever-angry activists at GLAAD know they only win when they put rock hard manstick type pressure on the flow of economics. They knew Phil Robertson and Duck Dynasty was coming back to A&E. It’s not like the cable channel can get fat Steven Seagal stuffed back into a cop suit and film some more Lawman episodes. Duck Dynasty is their cash cow. When Phil Robertson drove the self-declared enlightened folks nuts with his comment about ass-love being heretical, A&E corporate kneejerks couldn’t slip in their own spooge fast enough to suspend the Duck commander. I guess they’ve now had a week to run the numbers. Knock-knock, mofos, the born-again hicks from Monroe are paying for your Prius and your mistress because your wife doesn’t understand your need to smell leather during sex. Everybody is lining up to call out the winners and losers in this public reaming. But I say there are no winners or losers, but mostly because it’s too much work to figure it out.

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