Phil Robertson Now Hates Blacks and Once Killed a Duck!

By Lex December 20, 2013 @ 4:01 PM

After everybody got done misquoting and misrepresenting Phil Robertson’s comments in GQ about how he loves vagina, can’t imagine a dude tanking another dude in the ass, and called homosexuality sinful, the landscape settled down and people realized that about half the country agreed with him. Actually, 45%, and probably double that among his audience. Losing traction in the crusade against Duck Dynasty, people who hate that other people think differently then they do turned the attack on Phil Robertson to his vile racism. Specifically, comments about how black people he worked the fields with in the 1950′s and 1960′s in the South were happier before the rise of the welfare state and the civil rights movement in earnest. A somewhat uninformed suggestion at best, but not exactly Sheriff Bull Connor with a stick and a hose. Still, Phil Robertson serves as a platform to remind ourselves that only by publicly claiming to be more enlightened than the next man can we truly find enlightenment ourselves. I think Buddha said something like that while watching his monastic slaves work his property.

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    The Mildly Tanned Knight 12/20/2013 20:58

    It was revealed today that THREE kids in Camden NJ (pop 80,000) qualified as college-ready with adequate SAT scores. But that’s okay, about 40% can look forward to being unemployed until they’re in their 20s, when it’ll only be 15%. 30%-40% can look forward to being locked up in jail one day and 80% can look forward to being the father of a broken home, whose children will be worse off than he was.

    But you know, it’s racist to say he (or she) could have been happy in the 50s when 80% of black families were intact, unemployment was lower, and it was a rarity when a black child didn’t graduate just like his white counterparts.

    Gee, 50 years of welfare has made black people’s lives so much more full…..

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    Admiral 12/21/2013 05:24

    Only 45% of people agreed with him? That seems entirely too low. But, that’s the Washington Post for you. Their readers are good taking poles, and polls.

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