The Phil Robertson As Jesus Penis Sculpture Is Here

Daniel Edwards Creates Sculpture Based On Duck Dynasty's Phil Robertson Where there is controversy to be sculpted, you'll find Daniel Edwards. Like so many who work in the sculpting medium, Daniel is a lighthearted free-spirit type of guy. His past works have included naked fat Oprah in a golden sarcophagus, Britney Spears giving birth on all fours, dead naked Paris Hilton in autopsy, and Hilary Clinton with female type boobs. They all have some accompanying social message that I really can't bother to read because who can control their faculties after seeing Hillary Clinton or Oprah topless. The dead Paris Hilton doesn't bother me so much, it's a cautionary tribute to the perils of drunk driving. Now Daniel's done and gone sculpted vagina-loving ass-hating Phil Robertson of Duck Dynasty. He depicts Robertson as a crown of thorns Jesus cock with miserable looking Marriage Equality ducks as his nuts. I'm going to go ahead and say this represents Phil Robertson being a prick for using Jesus to hate on man-man love. But that's just this layman's interpretation. I'm more interested in how David Geffen plans to mount it after purchase.

Photo Credit: Daniel Edwards/Facebook [gallery ids="1698352,1698342,1698362,1698442,1698432,1698422,1698412,1698402,1698392,1698382,1698372"]

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