Tila Tequila’s Sex Tape Is Odd (VIDEO)

By Michael December 23, 2013 @ 3:23 PM

Tila Tequila’s upcoming sex tape looks to be really fucking strange. In this clip, (which has the nudity blacked out to make it completely worthless), Tila assumes the identity of an English chick named Ashley. She even puts on a bad Cockney accent reminiscent of Dick van Dyke in Marry Poppins. That weird voices and other craziness are a part of this skin flick isn’t a real shocker. The sex tape is coming from the same pint-sized lunatic who thinks the Illuminati killed Paul Walker and that Hitler was just a misunderstood emo boy. I wonder what other mysteries await in her sex tape? Will she expose the origins of Stonehenge by extracting beads from her ass in a dash-dot Morse code format? Will she make Prometheus a slightly less horrible film by explaining the motivation of the Engineers using only her creampie and an old quill pen. I guess as long as she screams in her Southeastern Asian-Texas accent I’ll watch. Or if it’s free.

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    Milto 12/23/2013 22:37

    I don’t like the angle on that video…is this what a guy sees before she drops a deuce on his chest and does the Cleveland Steamer?

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    hadleykeillor 12/24/2013 19:01

    Whaaad? I thought Tila was into girls ever since her ex-boyfriend choked and restrained her. She must have been really hungry for cock lately if she did such a hardcore video. Check it out here, folks – TilaTequilaPorno . com! It’s not the Tila you remember from her lesbian sex tape – this time she’s even hotter.

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    pronto 12/28/2013 09:50

    not bad at all

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    pronto 12/28/2013 10:00

    that TilaTequilaSex.com video is pretty hot!

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    Vichus 01/04/2014 09:40

    Seeing Tila Tequila’s fake tits is about as exciting as reading her desperate-for-attention comments. This is the first time I’m happy for censorship.

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