What's Making Robin Roberts and Aaron Rodgers So Happy?

Robin Roberts is definitely gay. I know, because she told me and the world so. Last year she went on the air to announce she had cancer. Now she's gay. Next year she's going to hold a press conference to reveal that she her dog has nipples. It's always breathtaking when Robin comes out with a big announcement.

Now that almost the entire world is coming out, nobody wants to be the last one on the gay train. The exception might be Aaron Rodgers. Perez Hilton, among others, are circulating rumors that Aaron Rodgers is gay. Perez doesn't knows shit about football, but he knows a lot about man-man love. He's been reading into the Tweets of Aaron Rodger's long time male 'personal assistant' and 'roommate. I think those quotes are meant to imply that Aaron loves to teabag man nuts..Perez seems to believe Rodgers might be the secret pro sports star everybody has been waiting to come out of the closet since the Jason Collins gay kickball announcement this past summer. I'm going to resist the urge to use the Fudge Packer joke...oh, fuck, too late. Personally, I could care less who bangs who, though I would caution less progressive Packers fans to keep the S.F. 'homo' jokes to a minimum this week until they get a better read on their starting QB.

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