Ariel Winter’s Boobs Are Bullet Proof

By Lex January 20, 2014 @ 4:02 PM

Ariel Winter Looks Busty At A SAG Awards After Party
The SAG Awards provide the perfect platform for actors to felch dripping ego from one another’s orifices while adulating the sacred craft. At the Oscars and Golden Globes, they have to pretend that other people helped their movies be so good. But at the SAG Awards, those line-repeating monkeys can really let it all out. So, they get a little drunk with honor. Ed O’Neill put his foot in his mouth when reporters asked the girls of Modern Family what beauty knowledge they picked up from their moms. The question itself should have warranted a punch in the face to the celebrity reporter who ran out of only moderately insipid questions seven years ago. But Ed O’Neill stepped in and said, ‘Ariel should take this one’. Now, Ariel Winter was removed from her mom’s custody last year because of the abusive environment. Her best beauty tip from mom might’ve been ‘duck when the frying pan comes warbling toward your face’. Several people in the room noted the rather flat joke from Ed O’Neill. But most people just continued staring at Ariel enormous teen tits. They really are the conversation.

Photo Credit: AKM-GSI, Pacific Coast News, WENN

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    BillGander 01/20/2014 16:46

    So this is what we’re down to now on here? 15-year-olds? I guess i just have to ask, how young is too young to be putting on here and objectifying?

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    Al (Ted) Bundy 01/20/2014 17:01

    Well she turns 16 in a week, which means she’ll be legal in Europe and Kansas…

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    Milto 01/20/2014 19:07

    After Ed O’Neil made his offensive comment, did he sit down on a terrible looking couch and stick his hand in his pants? Because that would have been great.

  4. avatar
    Al (Ted) Bundy 01/20/2014 19:43

    I thought about it, but decided against it. Plus I was wearing jorts at the time.

  5. avatar
    B A Baracus 01/20/2014 22:21

    Is this post Pedo Bear approved?

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