Cormac McCarthy’s Ex Pulls A Gun Out Of Her Hoo-Ha

By Michael January 09, 2014 @ 1:26 PM

Pulitzer prize winning author of extremely depressing books, Cormac McCarthy’s ex-wife Jennifer McCarthy was arrested after pulling a gun out of her vagina and threatening to shoot her boyfriend. It seems that the couple got into a heated argument over space aliens, you know, like you do. Jennifer apparently had stashed a piece inside of her piece for safe keeping. I guess she figured what could go wrong with storing a loaded weapon up in your lady parts. Apparently, she pulled out the sticky firearm and yelled, “Who’s crazy” and before the irony of her question set in, she tried to eliminate her boyfriend. He managed to wrestle the pistol away from her before the cops arrived on scenes to what was certain to be a story repeated frequently around the station that night. I always wondered why McCarthy’s stories like No Country For Old Men and The Road were so damn bleak. I guess I would have a glass is half empty outlook if having sex with my wife was like playing Russian Roulette with my junk.

(Picture Via The Huffington Post)

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    658811 01/09/2014 13:50


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    TheAlchemist 01/09/2014 14:20

    Someones got a sticky trigger finger!
    probably would have jammed anyways.

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    readykilowatt 01/09/2014 14:20

    And in just one instance Santa Fe NM is placed ahead of Florida and Ohio in the crazy game. Lets hear it for the more interesting Jenny McCarthy.

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    Mud Nugget 01/09/2014 14:23

    They also found $hit up her A$$.

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    Milto 01/09/2014 20:09

    Is this the new Kotex Personal Protection Tampon I’ve been hearing so much about?

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