Hannah Davis In A Bikini For S.I. Preview

Hannah Davis In A Bikini For Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue Preview Sports Illustrated is starting to leak out photos of their annual compendium of airbrushed swimsuit models. The Swimsuit edition used to come out in early February but got pushed back several weeks when somebody called that anonymous stolen software tip line and Adobe busted S.I. for not having enough Photoshop site licenses. So basically everybody is now huddled around Tim's computer 24x7 trying to make all the girl nipples disappear. There's been rumor that Kate Upton will be photographed in a bikini in a zero gravity photo, as the sports magazine tries to up their game from sending her to the Antarctic last year. If sales don't pick up, in 2015 they're going to miniaturize Kate Upton in a tiny submarine and inject her directly into a famous ex-athlete's prostate.

Photo Credit: Sports Illustrated

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