Harry Styles Pees In Sir-Mix-A-lot’s Bushes

January 31, 2014 | celebrity | editor | 0 Comments

One Direction singer and staged Kendall Jenner boyfriend, Harry Styles bared his ass while peeing in Sir-Mix-A-Lot’s bushes. The incident actually happened in November but has only now gotten attention online. Harry was having an evening promenade when he decided that he needed to drizzle on someone’s hedges, like you do. He lowered his pants and exposed his ass, peeing like that weird kid from the hippy family did in the 3rd grade. He proceeded to send a cryptic Tweet saying that Sir-Mix-A-Lot was in trouble. Mr. Mix-A-Lot saw the picture he realized those were his bushes that the little British poof was watering with his pasty banger. He tweeted,

“@Harry_Styles oh wait…. That’s my house!! Those are my bushes!!”

I remember the good old days when rising music starts got fucked up on China White and vomited on their way to the emergency room. If they were naked, it was in a hotel room full of opiates and half passed out incredibly skinny groupie girls in white cotton panties. Now it’s Harry Styles and Justin Bieber with photographs of their pants down peeing on bushes and in buckets or in the snow. What are you? Eleven? Once again another sign of musicians who came up without the hardships of lugging equipment, bumming smokes, and having bottles thrown at your head for sucking. You get a few years of that under your belt and you start peeing with your pants up like a grown man ought.

(Photo Via Instagram)

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