Ireland Baldwin Shows Off Cleavage for S.I.

By Lex January 15, 2014 @ 12:45 PM

Ireland Baldwin Shows Off Cleavage At The 50th Anniversary of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue In Los Angeles
Ireland Baldwin is at the age now when it’s time to start using her tits more to get officially noticed. She was at a Sports Illustrated swimsuit anniversary party, part of the 364 days a year that the magazine spends promoting the one day a year people still purchase S.I.. A team of S.I. photo editors tried to airbrush away the pores from Ireland’s skin and make her look more Eurasian before they realized she was standing there in person. She is pretty hot for a homophobes daughter.

Photo Credit: Getty, WENN

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    Shastar 01/15/2014 13:25

    I never really liked Kim Basinger. Her looks were always kind of… off to me.

    I’m glad Ireland took her looks and Dad gave her just enough of the Baldwin side to make her interesting. It’ll make it a lot easier to masturbate to her (When she turns 18, of course.

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    miche the killer 01/15/2014 18:39

    you and I have very different definitions of the word “cleavage”

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    aquanetta jones 01/15/2014 19:41

    ungrateful little pig

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