Jessica Simpson Lost 500 Pounds on Weight Watchers

January 9, 2014 | celebrity | Lex Jurgen | 0 Comments

Jessica Simpson is finally living up to her multi-million dollar Weight Watchers endorsement deal. She had signed a fat contract to lose weight on the program a while back but she suffered from the small problem of being fat, then pregnant and fat, then just fat, and just when Weight Watchers was set to run a brand new campaign on January 1, 2013, pregnant and fat again. Bad luck really. At least, everybody felt that way watching her boyfriend truck around town to grab Jessica ten-thousand kilocalories of daily takeout food to stuff down her hungry maw. Now, Jessica is finally slimming down by consuming lots of Weight Watchers fake lasagna meals and showing off her new figure to the public. She went on GMA in a dress she hasn’t worn since she found her dad wearing it back in 2009. She looked great. Even Robin Roberts stopped talking about her lesbian girlfriend for a minute to note Jessica’s dramatic weight loss. Nobody on the show bothered to note that as the weight loss industry in this country has boomed, people have only become fatter and fatter. Maybe that tidbit will be on tomorrow’s show.

Photo Credit:, Splash

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