Justin Bieber Seems to Like The Sizzurp

January 21, 2014 | celebrity | editor | 0 Comments

When cops raided Justin Bieber’s large lesbian love nest they found all kinds of drugs and drug paraphernalia. Apparently, the little shit dick has turned his house into quite the psychotropic den. We told you last week about Justin’s house being searched in connection with an egging attack on a neighbor’s house. Along with what I can only imagine is a lot of multipurpose lubricant, the cops found quite a bit of drug shit. Cookie jars full of weed, a dedicated smoking room full of hookahs, and lots of empty sizzurp bottles. This seems to be Bieber’s drug of choice. It seems the little ferret likes to mix the codeine laced cough syrup with pineapple Fanta. It figures that this is his favorite fucking drug.

How unmanly can you get? I remember a time when musicians and rock stars would mainline heroin into the veins in their dicks and chase it with a bottle of Jack. This asshole drinks cough syrup mixed with fruity soda to get high like a a drunk 13 year old making do with what’s around the house. Cops found dozens of cups with residue of the cough syrup and soda combo. The police, however, aren’t going to do anything about it. Their search warrant was only to look for evidence related to the egging incident and Bieber has a ton of money and attorneys. The only reason Justin’s BFF¬†Lil Za got busted is because he had the drugs on him at the time. So, Justin can continue guzzling junkie pop. I wish Bieber would grow up and start doing real drugs. It remains our best chance to be rid of him.

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