Justin Bieber’s Toxicology Report Is In

By Michael January 30, 2014 @ 4:51 PM

Bieber’s toxicology report is in for his DUI bust and it is not going to help his case. The 60-inch long crooning turd was arrested last week for a DUI and drag racing in Miami beach. There were rumors that he wasn’t actually impaired and that the cops just busted him because he’s poor and black, but those reports turn out to be bullshit. Bieber was high on weed and a bunch of pills. The toxicology report states that he had THC in his system as well as high levels of Xanax. Put that together with a thimble full of alcohol for this little mouse and you have yourself a case for a DUI conviction. It’s unlikely that Biebs will get his second mouth pounded in prison and he probably won’t be deported either. If he’s convicted he could lose his driver’s license and would have to be driven to the mall like a 14 year old girl by their mom. Only, it’ll be a professional driver, with a bodyguard, and a young boy he specifically requests speak in a Carolina girl voice in the back of his Lincoln Town Car.

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    Beylerbey 01/30/2014 20:44

    Anxiety meds and weed. And he ratted out his own mother when they leaned on him about the pills.

    Truly, the world needs to watch out for this baller.

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    fabots13 02/02/2014 14:14

    if this Dbag and Miley ever procreate the apocalypse can’t be far away…

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