Kanye Gives $250,000 to the Kid He Beat Up

By Michael January 29, 2014 @ 1:11 PM

Kanye West has reportedly made a cash settlement with the eighteen year old disturbed kid he beat up. We told you the tale of Kanye getting into a bitch fight with the teen that called Kim a n***er lover and a whore at a chiropractor’s office in LA. Kanye proceeded to kick the living dog shit out of the skinny delinquent who curled up into a defensive ball. As you would expect, the beat up kid threatened to sue Kanye for millions of dollars. They arrived at the much more reasonable figure of $250,000 to avoid the messy need for criminal charges being filed. Kanye might’ve been fine if he had actually been there when this moron started his Tourette’s impression and just cold cocked him in protection of his woman. But, no, he was miles away when Kim called him screaming and ordered him to come give the stupid kid a beatdown. You can’t really order hits, even on total jackasses. So, 250. I can’t help but believe this is only going to encourage even more people to fuck with Kim and Kanye. I’ll gladly take a few rapper punches from Kanye West if it’s going to mean a quarter-mill. The kid has earned a small fortune just for being a total fucktwat. He’s now actually become Kim Kardashian. The irony will never settle in.

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    Mud Nugget 01/29/2014 16:11

    Easy money

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    Beylerbey 01/29/2014 16:48

    It’s quaint that in 2014 there are still pathetic white boys striking brave, brave blows for violent darks. Maybe Jack and Lex and the whole crew need a few games of knockout king under their collective belts. A field trip or two to Detroit and the gelding-rage will cease.

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    Maybe_Observer 01/29/2014 17:33

    “Rapper punches”???

    ….more like hissy-slaps…….

    …but for 250K I’d let him tousle my hair…..

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    Raymond K. Hessel 01/29/2014 17:40

    You know… it would be fun to wanna go that easy money route and just talk any and all kinds of junk to these shit stains in the hopes he’s gonna come at ya’. Just let him get a couple of panty-waist type swings in and BOOM! You’re in the money! But what would happen is he’d be all talky as he’s about to make it rain pain, and then he’d try that left cross(’cause you know he thinks that’s the strong side), so you lean back and to the right, and step in behind his miss…. Sleeper choke out style.
    Shhhh, Kanye, shhh…
    It’s OK, it’s OK…
    I only got about $208 dollars in checking, he can have all he can get.

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    Maybe_Observer 01/29/2014 17:53

    Raymond K Hessel……..

    ……would you lube him?

    …or give him the coffee grounds like in “Rectify”..?

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    Puritan 01/29/2014 18:43

    What did Kanye beat this kid up for stating an obvious fact?

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    Raymond K. Hessel 01/29/2014 22:38

    I don’t know how to respond to that…

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