Kanye Might’ve Assaulted a Teenager Who Said Racist Things to Kim

January 14, 2014 | celebrity | Lex Jurgen | 0 Comments

You know you’re not supposed to even talk to Kanye. Kanye’s sphere of privacy continues on well past his Jesus-mandated zone of hearing distance and extends to his baby mama, wherever she may be. She’s like an embassy. No matter where she is, she’s Kanye soil. So when some teen in a Beverly Hills medical building calls Kim a stupid slut and a n***er lover, you know Yeezus Hulk is coming to do some smashing. Kanye found the rather impolite young man inside a chiropractor’s office and went dukes up while Kim screamed out, ‘we have it all on tape’. I’m not even sure what they have on tape. Maybe she meant Kanye banging her in the Bentley while Bruce Jenner rolled tape and dreamed of being the woman. Maybe they do have this idiot on camera mouthing his racial slurs. Unfortunately, Kanye and his bank account will soon find out that even heinous hecklers have the legal right not to be hunted down and beat up just for being verbal assholes. Also, that bit about ‘stupid slut’ might be defensible under the truth can’t be libel axiom.

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