Kate Upton Has Big Boobs in V Magazine

By Lex January 10, 2014 @ 4:32 PM

Kate Upton Shows Off Her Cleavage For 2014 Spring Preview In V Magazine
I’m not sure if we’re supposed to look or not. Kate Upton made such a big stink about not wanting to be seen by men as a sex object. The fact that she keeps selling herself as a sex object makes following directions more difficult, but there’s dignity in the struggle. And I’m pretty sure we’re supposed to struggle more than she is.

Photo Credit: V Magazine


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    MacDaddy 01/10/2014 19:17

    My beautiful Kate can do no wrong!!

  2. avatar
    Beylerbey 01/10/2014 20:15

    Not a thought in her tiny little brain.

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    Gildorg 01/11/2014 11:37

    I would happily bang her ass until my dick fell off…

    Just saying…

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    lorenebedi 01/12/2014 09:05

    She’s a beautiful woman

  5. avatar
    lorenebedi 01/12/2014 09:06

    funny colour of hair lol

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    Shastar 01/12/2014 21:19

    Kate Upton really is a wonderful and beautiful woman…

    …That I totally want to place my penis into every hole on her body and then rocket blast with my jizz all over her upturned face.

    I hope I’m not being too subtle here.

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