Laura Cremaschi Plays Calcio in a Thong

By Lex January 08, 2014 @ 4:28 PM

Laura Cremaschi Plays Soccer In A Yellow Bikini On The Beach In Miami
Soccer will never catch on in the U.S. until they add a halfcourt rule and a shot clock of some kind. That’s what turned the NBA into a multibillion dollar sport. Getting Italian party girls into the mix isn’t such a bad rule idea either. Short Latinos and tall Germans might make for fun viewing once every four years, but you line up eleven professional escorts with huge yabbos in thongs on either side of the pitch and you suddenly have the second best foreign sport to women’s handball.

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    DrainBammage 01/09/2014 00:37

    First of all, she’s dressed for volleyball, not soccer.

    Volleyball is THE most savvy sport in the world and decided to change the whole game about a dozen year ago and take their skimpy tight indoor costumes to a new level outdoors.
    Women’s basketball is played by trannyish looking dykes who are over 6ft tall and have all the feminie grace of a… women who is 6ft to 6ft6in tall.
    Soccer on the other hand has more normally shaped women that still features thick calved butchy types but more and more anorexic marathon runner types but they insist on wearing the same baggy pants favoured my the genetic freaks of WNBA and mullahs.
    And dont give me that BS about them being athletes and not into the sex business, there is not a sport in the world that has as many national teams pose for naked calendars, or Playboy or tasteful nudes than soccer. The german womens team was hosting the 2011 WC and how did they promote the event? By a classy pictorial in the deutsch Playboy…..because sex sells. What do you know about US womens soccer? Hope Solo (tranny alert) in that bullspit ESPN (not really) Nude issue, Alex Morgan nude bodypaint (with her A+ cups it was pretty sad/pedo) and that the black chick who was born in Canada has the thighs of Roidmonster Williams brothers in all those bikini shots she tweets.

    meanwhile, watch the womes volleyball worlds or euros and the girls all do makeup, lots of nail work (focus on hands), tight shoulderless lycras and short, short shorts snuggly fitting atop long, long legs.
    Then go and enjoy the wankfest that is beach volleyball and the focus that is made on every girls ass because thats where they signal their teammate. im surprised they dont have jackoff booths at those tournaments.

    Fsck womens soccer until they join volleyball and stop their hypocritical atittude towards sex where its ok to get naked to promote your sport but its not ok to wear shorts like the italians men used to wear in the 70s because that would be fscking sexist.

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