Lena Dunham Twitter Duels With Shia LaBeouf

January 7, 2014 | celebrity | editor | 0 Comments

In a battle of who you’d like to throw out of a moving vehicle more, Lena Dunham and Shia LaBeouf took to Twitter to have a bitchy slap fight. You’ll recall that Shia fake apologized to comic book writer Daniel Clowes for blatantly plagiarizing one of his stories by skywriting an apology over the wrong city. Lena, who believes she deserves a seat at the Algonquin Roundtable especially if there’s a good buffet, became angry at Shia for his plagiarism and Tweeted:

“I’ve always felt, utterly and unchangeably, that only sociopaths hire skywriters.”

Shia, who doesn’t see negative attention, only attention, fired back a funny by copying one of Lena’s own Tweets and sending it to her as his own. I can see her scrunching up her little Pekingese face with glee and dancing around like the little bridge troll she is that she got to respond to his plagiarized Tweet by saying,

“Vaguely recognized Shia Labeouf’s latest twitter apology and realized it was MINE! Touché, Louis Stevens.”

Ugh. These two pretentious douchenozzles make me want to vomit out my organs. Maybe they will consent to merge their self-described genius into an offspring of epically annoying proportions. A little baby Lena LaBeouf to be the anti-christ of assholery, publishing self-reflective amusing memoirs with every poopie diaper. Someday these two will be locked up in a section of New York we cordon off for egotistic offenders. We’ll send Snake Plisskin in at some point to kick them in their nutties and take pictures that will make us LOL. That is the dream.

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