Looking Great, Jessica Simpson

By Travis January 31, 2014 @ 11:00 AM

If you offered to pay me several million dollars or maybe just a blowjob from Christy Mack to tell you what Jessica Simpson does for a living these days, I’d guess that she was a professional Weight Watchers endorser, because she doesn’t seem to be an actress or singer anymore. But what better way to keep driving home the point to so many people who seriously don’t give a fat rat’s ass how much weight you’ve lost than by wearing such a beautiful serapi poncho that hides all of your success? I know, I’m being tough on Jessica for no reason, but when the image of her shaking her tits and ass on the General Lee has been stuck in my head for so many years, I hope for a little more Daisy Duke and a lot less of… this.

Photo Credits: WENN.com

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