Mila Kunis Is A Danger To Everyone

January 25, 2014 | celebrity | editor | 0 Comments

Mila Kunis went shopping in West Hollywood yesterday, but more importantly she showed what little regard she has for even the simplest laws. When she finally emerged from the store, she discovered that she had received a parking ticket, probably for parking her car on top of a handicapped child, and I’m probably over-exaggerating everything because Ashton Kutcher is a pretty big bag-o-douche. Meanwhile, I’m never the type to make up news and rumors for the sake of it, but Mila looks pregnant in a few of these pictures, so I’m just going to assume that she’s pregnant now. Again, I have no proof that she’s pregnant or even considering having a baby with Ashton, but the camera angle makes her look pregnant, so let’s just say she’s pregnant for fun.

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