Paris Hilton Went To Another Grammy Party

January 28, 2014 | celebrity | editor | 0 Comments

When you’re the world’s greatest DJ like Paris Hilton, and there’s simply nobody else on this planet who can press play on iTunes like you can, the only reason to even pay attention to the Grammys is for all of the pre-parties thrown by music’s biggest stars, like Jay Z‘s big party in Los Angeles on Saturday night. Paris could have gone to the Grammys like some stupid musician looking for validation from the industry’s biggest names, but she already knows that the zeroes on the paychecks that she receives from really desperate nightclubs mean that she’s better than all of the other spoiled rich kids who didn’t need a job and turned to playing electronic music as a “career.” Paris Hilton – 1, the rest of the music industry – 0.

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