Robin Thicke Is Smarter Than Your Average LaBeouf

January 23, 2014 | celebrity | Lex Jurgen | 0 Comments

I long ago tired of Robin Thicke and his colorful suits and wispy gait. He’s not even gay, he’s just affected and annoying. But he’s also one of the smarter alleged intellectual property borrowers around. Unlike the picked off scab that is Shia LaBeouf, stealing stupid shit to make even stupider shit to end up making no money, Robin Thicke went out and supposedly borrowed from Marvin Gaye without permission. Then he filed a pre-emptive lawsuit against the Gaye estate just in case they were going to sue him first for stealing pop’s song. The Gaye kids, also not gay, did just that, over not one, but two songs they claim were blatant ripoffs, Most notable is Blurred Lines, which sold nearly seven million copies and made Robin Thicke into a teen girl heartthrob money printing machine. Thicke already admitted that he loved Marvin Gaye’s Got To Give It Up, and that Blurred Lines was inspired by the song. The Gaye kids settled their lawsuit with music publisher EMI for promoting Thicke’s ‘inspired’ song over their daddy’s. Their suit against Robin Thicke remains out there until such time as they reach a settlement which will be cents on the dollar for what Musical LaBeouf will earn from the song. As to authenticity, teen girls could give a shit if Robin Thicke shot Marvin Gaye himself to scavenge his tunes. It’s the Wild West and Robin Thicke is the lilting handed gunslinger with the super shiny vest. He wins.

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