Saving Jodi Arias Has Cost Arizona Taxpayers $2 Million Already

January 31, 2014 | celebrity | Lex Jurgen | 0 Comments

Do you remember the good old days when somebody stabbed and shot somebody else unexpectedly in the shower and then everybody in the dead person’s family went and killed the killer and then there was a good cry, followed by a hoedown and people got loaded and made more babies because that’s how we deal with loss?. Yeah, I don’t remember it either. But in Arizona, it wasn’t all that long ago. If movies are the accurate retelling of history I think they are, Tombstone, Arizona knew how to get this kind of shit done right and quick. But modern day Arizona is now two million dollars and several years counting into keeping Jodi Arias alive after she went batshit crazy on her boyfriend for all the reasons batshit crazy people start stabbing and shooting their boyfriends. I’m not saying it’d have been better justice if somebody from Travis Alexander’s family would’ve just maybe snuffed her out early on, I am saying it would’ve been two million dollars cheaper. C’mon, kids need textbooks in Tucson. Let’s waive some rules and set her loose out in the desert with a ten minute head start.

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