Someone Stole All The Naked Photos On Lindsay Lohan’s Laptop

January 8, 2014 | celebrity | editor | 0 Comments

In a since-deleted Tweet, Lindsay Lohan claims that her laptop was stolen while she was at the airport in China, where she was recently honored with a fashion award by some people who really needed any celebrity in the world to show up. For most people, it would probably be a lost cause and time for a new laptop, but Lindsay is offering a reward for anyone who finds her computer, because there are apparently a bunch of nude pictures on it.

According to TMZ, Lindsay had a bunch of photos from photo shoots that were never released, as well as some saved conversations with various celebrities that she doesn’t want to get out. Sure, I get the part about the other celebrities, but she’s really upset about the nude pics? Does she know how Google works? Because it literally takes three seconds for me before I’m staring at her tits, and it’s really nothing special. In fact, I’m kind of sad now.

Photo Credit: Lindsay Lohan’s Instagram

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