Vin Diesel Seems Like He’s Doing Well (VIDEO)

January 29, 2014 | celebrity | Lex Jurgen | 0 Comments

Vin Diesel just fired a shot of crazy across Tyrese’s bow in their competition as to who is more emotionally wrecked by the death of Paul Walker. Tyrese has circled the globe filming himself choking up as he looks at different shit that reminds him of Paul. Tyrese even used the sacred Grammy stage over the past weekend to give a heartfelt salute to Paul Walker supporters. That’s some mourning game right there. Both men have been working Twitter and personal appearances to rapid-fire their emotionally wrecked eulogies. It’s been neck and neck. But Vin just went nuclear, with the fucked up seven minute long Katy Perry and Beyonce webcam sing and dance along he posted to his inexplicably popular Facebook account. It’s not that you don’t often see a 46-year old man grabbing his junk and lip-synching to Beyonce half-dressed in his room, it’s just that when you do, it’s typically an exhibit in a criminal case against an online predator. I’m not legally allowed to say Vin is high as fuck, so I won’t. He does look like a dancing cotton ball who is surprised to see his lips moving when he’s speaking. Maybe Vin really did love Paul Walker more than Tyrese? Unless you got something more fucked up than this, Tyrese, maybe cut off a limb with a jigsaw or do some Turk 182 shit on the side of the Porsche factory in Stuttgart, time to step down.

Neither of these two dudes could really match the raw fucked up mourning power of Tila Tequila when she lost the lesbian heiress she thought was going to gay marry her during Christmas ’09.

Video credit: above (Vin Diesel Facebok), below (Satan).

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