Alessandra Ambrosio Is Still Good At Being Pretty

Victoria's Secret model and all-around attractive Brazilian woman Alessandra Ambrosio had a photo shoot in downtown Los Angeles yesterday, and it really challenged her to push her talents to the limits. At one point, she was wearing one dress, but then she changed into another dress, and everyone was just mesmerized by how amazing she is at her job. As for what she was modeling, I'm guessing it was something important like a grocery store or tennis shoes. My other guess is that she's the face of a brand new line of see-through skirts that have been designed to make guys everywhere ask, "Wait, am I going to get kicked in the balls for looking at your crotch? Because it's basically staring me in the face." Nice try, fashion, but we're smarter than that now.

Photo Credits: Cousart/JFXimages/

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