At Least The Entourage Movie Will Be Good For Something

February 25, 2014 | celebrity | editor | 0 Comments

Despite the success of the TV series, none of the actors from Entourage have ever really gone on to do anything else of importance, which is obviously why they decided to go back to the well and pretend like people still care about these hollow characters. For the actors like the guy with the curly hair, shoe boy, and the one who looks like a melting action figure, this is a chance to boost their careers a little and try to milk their 15 minutes some more, but it’s also an opportunity to surround themselves with hot aspiring actresses again, so they can trick other aspiring actors into thinking that Hollywood success means a non-stop pussy party, while young actresses are convinced that they need to spread on command. It’s a concept that we should appreciate, but frankly they’re just such damn douchebags about it all that it takes the fun out of it.

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