Chantel Jeffries Has Arrived

Chantel Jeffries Lunches With A Friend At Urth Café Chantel Jeffries has officially arrived. After blowing some low level rappers, athletes, and even Justin Bieber during his Xanax fueled Tokyo Drift, the young model finally made it to Tinsel Town. A lunch spot at least where she dined with new mentor, Draya Michele, that chick who is on Basketball Wives even though she was never a basketball wife. She was a stripper, so that's close enough. While most of the lunch conversation naturally steered toward civil unrest in the Ukraine, the girls had a chance to cover off topics such as how to avoid wasting hummers in Hollywood and how many quarters worth of rides you need on grocery store mechanical ponies before your unwanted baby goes away. Watch out world, Mary Tyler Moore has just thrown her panties in the air and she's ready to take on the big city.

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