Christin Cooper Reminds Bode Miller That His Brother Is Dead

By Lex February 17, 2014 @ 7:40 PM

If you are an Olympic athlete, steel yourself for a showcase on your dead relatives. Sick loved ones are cool too, provided they’re terminal or their disease sounds excruciatingly horrible to the viewing audience who won’t bother to Google it. But dead is always better. You don’t need to inform NBC, they’ll already know. Alpine skier Bode Miller’s brother died of a seizure last year. Oh, man, how NBC was salivating to drop that tearjerker on Bode. But they had to wait for the right moment. Nobody wants to see the tragically dead relative video package for a guy who comes in 27th place. Moment of triumph, you’ve bide your time. Bode finally took the bronze in one of the skiing events on the fake snow in Sochi and blammo! Fire the dead brother cannons. NBC reporter on the scene Christin Cooper got Bode but good. Asking him if he wished his dead brother could be there with him. If he missed his dead brother. If his looking up to the heavens was a signal to his dead brother. As the tears washed over Bode and the camera held on him, Christin didn’t even need her next question as to whether Bode thought his dead brother was thinking of him in the final moments of his deadly brain spasm. She had tipped Bode right into a good network television Olympics coverage cry. Lots of people got pissed at NBC over their obvious and cynical ploy, but Bode defended Christin Cooper as being just in her journalism. For Bode’s willingness to pardon NBC, the network promised not to bring out graphic photos of his beloved childhood Cocker Spaniel that go run over by a truck if he takes a medal in the Giant Slalom.

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