Courtney Stodden Found a Place to Put Her New Lips

By Lex February 12, 2014 @ 4:07 PM

Courtney Stodden Shows Off Her New Lips In Twitter Selfie
When A-list talent changes management, it’s big news in this town. When Courtney Stodden changes reps, it’s an excuse for tabloids to show you her new ginormous fucking lips. Courtney’s now signed up with David Weintraub of the uniquely titled David Weintraub Entertainment, purveyors of bottom of the barrel reality show celebrities since, I don’t know what year. In any case, he’s the Beverly Hills silver spoon kid who finds the sob stories who go into celebrity rehab. Which means Courtney Stodden can likely skip the miserable next ten years trying to act foolish on VH-1 and banging that guy who sits on the end of the bench for the Atlanta Hawks and and go straight into being a not so famous addict. I’m not sure what drugs Weintraub’s advising her to get into, but I think molly and Children’s Advil makes a great backstory. Keep your feet on the ground and keep reaching for those stars, darling.

Photo Credit: Courtney Stodden/Twitter

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