Curling Is Officially a Real Sport

February 21, 2014 | bikini | Lex Jurgen | 0 Comments

For a sporting event where you can basically make up whatever the hell competitions you want, the Winter Olympics are pretty lame. It’s not like they’re historically bound to some classic Greek rules of ancient athletics. They can just put a sidewalk staircase in the middle of the snow and tell skiers to jump it and call it a new sport. Curling is one of these silly events. I’m sure it’s roots are ancient, or maybe some dude at an Ottawa Juco made it up in the 90’s after a Labatt’s kegger. I only know it suddenly became interesting when this Swiss curler Carmen Schaefer started taking her clothes off. I’m not saying all women’s sports should be viewed through the lens of whose tits we can see, just the fake women’s sports. Like curling, or basketball. Though I’d allow for the WNBA ladies to keep their restrictive sports bras tethered tightly to their pecs. That probably sounds sexist, but I’m hoping the raw honesty is factored into my final grade.

Photo Credit: Carmen Scha?fer/Facebook

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