Don't You Walk Out on Seth Rogen (VIDEO)

Let's concede the fact that Congressmen as a group are a swollen zit of incompetence, alcohol abuse, and petty ambition. Even the well-meaning Mr. Smiths quickly get assimilated into the polished turd  of big dollar democracy. Largely a group of self-serving assholes. But even assholes don't deserve a lecture from Seth Rogen on the importance of sitting through his presentation. Seth was in the capital city on behalf of an Alzheimer's charity to give a pointed speech about how his mother-in-law thinks her shoes belong on her nose, thanks to early onset of the disease. It was perhaps the most entertaining several televised minutes in Washington since Mayor Berry got caught scoring the rock on camera. But, you don't invite a Hollywood comedic actor to a Senate Committee for the deep science explanations. This isn't a Roland Emmerich disaster pic.

After the fact, Seth got all pissy that most of the Senators came to snap their photo with him then either dozed off or didn't stick around to hear the speech:

Two of them were falling asleep during the first part of the testimony, literally. I saw it happening, I think it is indicative of the mentality that we find so frustrating is that it seems to be low priority. It seems like these people don't care. That's the direct message they are giving by leaving during the testimony, is that they don't care.
Okay, first, grow up. The percentage of people in this country who think that Congress cares about them is down to 12%. That's the same percentage who believe Elvis is living in a basement prison deep beneath the Las Vegas strip. Don't play the rube for sympathy points. Second, these same comb-overs voted to  spend $350 billion this past year on non-Medicare related health spending. If money is how people in Washington show they care, and it is, they do care. Or they're pretending to care so they don't have to find real jobs. Same difference. Maybe cancer and The AIDS and finding a cure for the Hilton sisters blisters is given more money than Alzheimer's. I don't know. And maybe more money should be spent on Alzheimer's, it's pretty fucking horrid. But these geezers dozing and walking out on the hearing aren't going to decrease the level of funding for Alzheimer's research, in fact, this big media storm might just cause research funding to increase. But, then, you knew that, didn't you, Seth Rogen?

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