Ellen Page is a Brave Gay Warrior

By Lex February 17, 2014 @ 5:58 PM

Tomboyish actress Ellen Page came out as a lesbian at a gay rights conference to a large group of gay activists who really could have gone either way after her announcement. But Ellen faced the potential fallout with the heroism of a woman who loves other women and thinks dicks are really kind of grody. But this was only the tip of the iceberg for Ellen who now faces a backlash in an industry only moderately to mostly controlled by a gay and gay-friendly power structure. Just surviving the tons of positive and triumphant accolades on social media was probably something Ellen was not prepared to deal with after her announcement. But she faced it like the brave lesbian she is, now, openly. We throw the word ‘hero’ out so easily in our society. Soldiers who sacrifice themselves for their platoon mates. First responders who charge into fiery breach. Teachers who stick out dysfunctional and dangerous schools to save some of the highest risk children in our society. But when you compare that to Ellen Page announcing she likes other chicks, it all seems to pale by comparison.

Who knows what horror Ellen Page faces going forward in Hollywood. How the industry and social castes will chew her up and spit her out, beat her down, and make her life a living hell, this seems all but certain. Show business is not kind to the gays. May God be with you, Ellen Page.

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    aquanetta jones 02/17/2014 18:38

    She needs to eat a dick

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    govunupan 02/18/2014 10:30

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    mystrile 02/18/2014 12:06

    Aw, the travails of a young attractive wealthy white person. In all sincerity good for her, she’s always seemed to me to have a real craft compared to most of acting ass clowns. Also I’m just mad one of my celebrity crushes is officially of the table for me, cause obviously there was a chance before.

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    Beylerbey 02/18/2014 21:49

    No one is off the table. This is a little child playing a game, like 100% of the people in Hollywood.

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